Our green policy

As a leading hotel, we are committed to ethical and responsible business practices and support initiatives that build relationships with the local communities in which we operate.

We also recognise that our activities impact on both the local and national environments and as such, we are committed to protecting the environment through continual improvement of our environmental performance and prevention of pollution where possible.

Haughton Hall. Comply with the requirements of environmental legislation as a minimum standard and are currently seeking an environmental accreditation by a recognized body. We continuously strive to improve environmental performance and always assess the environmental impact of our future operations. We cascade environmental and related information to our employees and review our policy annually.

Waste Management

  • Recycling programmes are in place throughout our hotels including water bottles, waste paper, cardboard and boxes and printer/fax cartridges/toners
  • Newspapers are provided to guests after request at check in and where provided in lounge/bar areas we only order one copy of national newspapers
  • On-line brochures are available to avoid unnecessary paper usage
  • Contracts and confirmations are emailed wherever possible to reduce paper usage
  • Some marketing materials produced using recycled paper / materials

Water Conservation

  • Bed linen and towel usage policy in place to reduce water and detergent usage
  • Tap water is available in the bar and restaurants upon request
  • Garden watering through rain collection

Energy Efficiency

  • Staff always ensures that office and back of house lights, computers and monitors are switched off when they are not in use
  • Natural light is used wherever possible to minimize lighting
  • Low energy light bulbs are used wherever possible
  • Air conditioning is set to optimum temperatures with guest signage in place
  • Energy consumption tracked monthly by cost per room for electricity, gas and water
  • Time switches (for lighting) installed in back of house areas for hotels

Food & Beverage

  • Vegetarian choices are always available
  • Seasonal produce is used and sourced locally wherever possible to reduce air-miles
  • Organic food and fair-trade beverages are available in some of our hotels

Community Engagement

Haughton Hall engages with community organizations through partnerships, volunteerism and sponsorship as these community-based relationships are particularly valued
Waste items are donated to schools and charities